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Liturgical pools and fountains

It was usual in the monasteries to have a water point in the middle of the cloister (the pol of the priory of Bronzeaux has a difference with the pool in a corner of the cloister…). In the Cistercian abbeys this use was systematic whether it is a well, a tank of better a pool supplied by a water spring. These sinks where the monks washed their hands before the meal, was generally constituted of two superposed basins. The orifices set up around the superior basin were used as tap by flowing in the inferior basin.



Pools of the Prébenoît abbey

Pools of the Aubazine  abbey

Pools of the Bénévent abbey

Pools of the Aubazine abbey

Pools of the Grandmont abbey of Bronzeaux

Pools of the Bonnaigue abbey

Liturgical fountains of the St Michel de Grandmont monastery

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